Healing is Voltage:  Cancer's On/Off Switches:  Polarity

Healing is Voltage: Cancer's On/Off Switches: Polarity

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  • Publish Date: 2015-10-13

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Theodor Heinrich Boveri was a German biologist. He also reasoned in 1902 that a cancerous tumor begins with a single cell in which the makeup of its chromosomes becomes scrambled, causing the cells to divide uncontrollably. This was the predominant theory until 2014 when Thomas Seyfried et al proved that genetic changes were secondary in cancer. Thus physicians have been searching for the cause of cancer since the time of Hippocrates in 400 BC. Most research has been focused on finding the causes of genetic changes. Perhaps the cause of cancer has been elusive because the evidence supports the theory that the cause is a reversal of polarity instead of biochemical. In addition, one must consider that each organ has its own battery pack: a stack of muscle batteries known as an acupuncture meridian. The reversal of polarity occurs in a battery in a circuit and the accompanying loss of oxygen with low voltage tells local stem cells to make a placenta (cancer) to attempt to correct the low voltage and oxygen via fermentation since there is inadequate oxygen to keep that organ functional. The On switch for cancer is an accumulation of electron stealers in an acupuncture circuit; the Off switch for cancer is removing the causes of low voltage and inserting enough electrons to reverse the polarity back to normal.

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